Kratom powder – Its Pros and Cons

Kratom leaf is the leaf of the tree belonging to the genus Mitragyna. Mitragyna speciosa, belonging to the family Rubiaceae is a visibly large tree grown primarily in Thailand and other parts of Asia. It is the native of Southeast Asia. The plant is named so after the shape of its stigma which is quite similar to the bishop’s mitre. The Kratom leaves are ovate-acuminate shaped and have a length of 7 inches and a width of 4 inches. Usually the trees attain a height of 12-30 ft. and have a width of 15 ft. If the optimum conditions are provided, some species can attain a height of 40- 100 m. The kratom products are manufactured from the plant extracts, dried leaves, powdered or in form of paste. Kratum powder is greatly effective for relieving pains even the chronic arthritis pains. Fresh leaves are pricked and eaten wholly or else powder can be made from the leaves.

Kratom has been used as a medicinal treatment since ages. Kratom is the best preferred pain killer as it is a natural extract from the organic plant. Apart from this, it is used for the treatment of diarrhea and is even used for therapeutic purposes. Not only this, this herb serves to reduce the fatigue and stimulant effects. A Positive energy responsible for relieving all the stress from the body is generated through the entire body. The herb and its extracts serve in elevating the sexual, physical as well as one’s mental energy. Research has found that people who consume the optimum amount of Kratom regularly tend to be more active than those who do not. The kratom leaves contain a powerful anti-oxidant known as epicatechin which results in the enhancement of one’s immune system. It is found that kratom products even serve in lowering the blood pressure. The most effective ingredient in Kratom is mitragynine which acts as an anti-depressant. Even reports have found that kratom can even cure hay fever.

It is rightly said that excess of anything is very bad. Frequent consumption of kratom powder results in the skin darkening of people. Kratom serves in treating opiate addiction. But if its consumption is stopped, it instills withdrawal symptoms in opiate addicts. Since the main ingredient of kratom, mitragynine is said to have both stimulant and depressant effects, it sometimes shows negative effects on people. Day dreaming and closed eye visualizations are very common symptoms of excess kratom consumption.

The most interesting advantage of the kratom powder is that it can be consumed by mixing it with anything. It may be tea or in the form of capsules or in food etc. The kratom powder serves as the best alternative for the leaves as the leaves after getting dried up taste bitter. Powder is the more concentrated form of the leaves. One need not worry about the preservation of the products if the powder form is consumed. The kratom products are legal and can be bought from herbal or medicinal stores. These can also be ordered online through various websites.

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Some Things to Know About the Side Effects of Kratom

Kratom is one of the herbal highs, this is because, it has some psychoactive properties in it. The Kratom plant usually has a euphoric effect on the body of those using it. Usually, this effect comes differently depending on the dose and how frequently someone uses it. Normally, it is hard to say that someone will get this kind of effect at such a dose, but what is certain is that we have both higher and lower doses of usage of Kratom. There is a kratom withdrawal effect which also depends on how someone uses this plant and its products. The effect s of this plant usage is always categorized as below:

Kratom effects at lower dose:
Kratom has an energizing effect at lower dose, the moods of a user at this dose are also enhanced combined with feeling of euphoria, some tasks which are mundane such as house cleaning will never be such again, the user can even fill tax return because the drug do not impair someone’s cognitive abilities. Unlike the alcohol, this drug does not make someone uncoordinated at this level of usage. It does not really affect the operation of intellect. It has an energizing ability and usually favored by those who work longer hours as Thai labourers.

Kratom effects at higher doses:
At this dose, there occurs a sedative action in the body but the brain remains alert. There is more intense feeling of euphoria and also a feeling of general warmth plus contentment, if the dose is increased, the user becomes nauseous and may feel physically sick. Another side effect of Kratom at this level is constipation.

The long term side effects of kratom usage on the life of human being:
It may usually seem that the drug naturally works to produce what is called buzz and the side effects it produce may seem positive, that is when we leave aside both the nausea and the projectile vomiting. Yet, there is some dark side of this drug in case, it becomes habitual just like the Thai labourers who use the drug positively will also fall as a victim of its addictive properties. In long run the users of this drug may develop facial patches which are dark and a gaunt, unhealthy appearance. When someone stops using Kratom at this level they get into withdrawal stage which is usually characterized by flu-like symptoms, shakes, insomnia, depression and is also characterized by what is known as the restless leg stndrom.

Is Kratom addictive?
Yes of course it is addictive like any other addictive drug, Kratom is normally characterized by some signs and symptoms which always show on the people who are using the Kratom drug excessively, many of the people who stop using the drug usually suffer from the effects of withdrawal. So, Kratom is addictive should be used with caution and if possible should not be used by the human being in order to live life which is not full of the Kratom side effects.

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Useful Info on How to Make Kratom Tea

You can prepare kratom tea either from the kratom leaves themselves or from kratom powder obtained from crushing the leaves.The quality of tea obtained from the two does not vary at all as long as you get the measurements correct.

It is important ,however, to note that the potency does differ with various batches of kratom so it’s important that you be cautious when trying out a new variety just incase its stronger than you’re used to.800px Kratom 300x225 Useful Info on How to Make Kratom Tea

There are various ways to prepare the kratom tea;you could prepare a single cup or a large quantity and store the extra for later.Kratom tea can be stored away in the refrigerator for upto five days.If you want to store it for longer it is recommended that you mix it up with alcohol, preferably vodka, at the ratio of 1:10 (alcohol to kratom tea)

Kratom tea usually has a bitter taste to it and there a couple of ways around this.One, you may opt to prepare a small but highly potent cup that you can gulp down quickly and be done with.Two, you could prepare the tea as you wish and after consuming it you could drink some juice or other beverage to take away the taste.You can also eat something sweet like a piece of fruit or cake.Thirdly, you can add sugar ,lime juice or honey to your cup of kratom tea to dilute the bitter taste.

How to prepare the kratom tea:

Step 1:Take 15 grams of kratom powder or leaves and place in a pot.A dose of more than 25 grams is considered strong by most people, 15 grams is considered average and 7 grams mild.Add half a litre of water and heat the mixture.The amount of water you add will depend on the concentration you want to have. Make sure to stir to avoid the mixture from sticking to the sides and bottom of the pot.You can also boil the leaves while in strainer.
Step 2: Boil the mixture softly for 15 minutes.Boiling too much will kill some of the active properties of the plant, cause the tea to burn, and/or turn the tea bitter.
Step 3: After 15 minutes, take the pot off the heat and let it cool off.
Step 4: Sieve the mixture through a sieve to make sure that no leaves are in the tea.The leaves left behind can be used to prepare another mild cup of kratom tea, just repeat the steps 1-4 above.You can dispose off the leaves, others prefer to eat them which is fine too.

Remember the concentration of the tea depends on the potency of the drink.The less the amount of water added, the higher the potency.For new users it’s advisable to start with a mild concentration and then work your way up as you get used to it.

You can take the tea chilled if you like, just add some ice cubes and you’re good to go. And there you have it, sit back and enjoy your cup of kratom tea!


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